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Patterson's Guide to Physics and Astronomy

Me and the 12-inch scope Welcome to the wonderful world of Physics & Astronomy. I'm your host, Doug Patterson. If you're in my class, be sure to check out what's happening now in your class by visiting the Blackboard CE site for your section. If you're not in my class, check out the latest in Physics and Astronomy news from Physics Today and Sky & Telescope. You can also get a plethora of weather data and forecasts from the National Weather Service for Kansas City, Jefferson City, and Lawrence. I've also found a variety of web sites that are great for searching for scientific data and information. Enjoy!

Courses I teach at JCCC

I mainly teach astronomy, but I also teach a variety of other courses including physics, physical science, and most recently computer game creation. Below are links to the materials for the various courses I teach.

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